Thursday, May 15, 2014

UAV President Marco Johnson named Antelope Valley Sheriff’s “2014 Booster of the Year.”

LANCASTER, CA – MAY 9, 2014 – Making our community a safer place to live, not only takes the support of our community and its citizens, but it also takes the dedication of the men and women that serve as Sheriff Deputies, here in the Antelope Valley. The Lancaster Sheriff’s station, is not only one of the largest in the County, it’s also one of the busiest. Never the less, each Deputy has taken an oath, to serve the community in which we live, and to making it a better place. Leading the fight to prevent crime and injustice, as they partner with the people they serve, in an effort to secure and promote safety in our communities.

Which is why organizations, such as the Antelope Valley Sheriff Boosters, are so important. Providing support and funding, to help keep the men and women that serve our community, safe! Providing them with the tools they need to do their job more effectively and efficiently, resulting in a safer community.

 Quite often, working behind the scenes, the Antelope Valley Sheriff Boosters, are comprised of business leaders and citizens in our community, that are also committed to making a difference. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, on behalf of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies, providing them with state of the art equipment, as well as basic necessities, that budget cuts just don’t allow. And although the Antelope Valley Sheriff Boosters is comprised of amazing individuals, each year there’s always a stand out that the organization likes to recognize, for their selfless efforts and commitment, at their annual Volunteer’s Appreciation Dinner.

 This year’s recipient for “Booster of the Year”, is long time resident of the Antelope Valley and President of the University of Antelope Valley, Marco Johnson. “This is an amazing board to be a part of, comprised of amazing directors. Any Booster could have been chosen as Booster of the Year. So, not only was it a surprise, but it was also an honor to have been chosen out of a group of such deserving and dynamic individuals,” said Booster of the Year Recipient Marco Johnson.

 “Our Booster Board of Directors is comprised of so many individuals that are dedicated to our community. So, although I’m happy to have such a dynamic group to choose from, it does make my job a little harder. But when it came to this year’s winner, Marco Johnson definitely made it easy. Marco has given so much to this community, not only through his own philanthropic ventures, but also by way of the Sheriff Boosters. More than just financial contributions, Marco has generously given of his time and resources. It’s a pleasure to serve with individuals like Marco Johnson, that have a history here in the AV, and are committed to making it a better community, for years to come,” said President of the Antelope Valley Sheriff Boosters Marvin Crist.

 To find out more about the Antelope Valley Sheriff’s Department, and or, the variety of different community programs that will afford you the opportunity to get involved and make a difference in our community, visit them online, at